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Inhabited by Grace

From the Forward

This book is accessible for beginners in faith, curious observers, as well as seasoned disciples and leaders striving to follow Jesus faithfully every day. Father Daniel calls us to a new kind of rehab by calling practitioners of faith to overcome the numbing cultural norm of callous selfishness and inhabit instead the way of grace so freely given by God in Christ. The refrain I hear throughout this book is for us to be fully alive in our journey with Christ by moving forward within ourselves, inside the church, and out in the world. This creative movement is where the spirit of grace inhabits us when we are in right relationship with God, each other, the land on which we stand and move and have our being. May this book be to you the blessing it was to me by its encouragement, scriptural core, poignant and accessible stories from a variety of worlds, and a joy that holds it together graciously.

     ––The Rt. Rev. Dr. Prince G. Singh


“For those hungry and thirsty for a moment's peace or a lifetime of the same, Inhabited by Grace is a must read. Daniel does not take lightly the deep truth that there is no division between the body and the soul; the abundant life Jesus offered is found in the practice of authentic spiritual discipline and piety. Three cheers––or perhaps whispers––for this great work.”

     ––The Rev. Dr. Russell J. Levenson, Jr


“This is a pearl of a book—steeped in the wisdom of the ancient church, of attentiveness to the Bible, for contemporary pastoral and liturgical practice. As William Daniel gazes upon God he trains us to do the same. And the God who gazes back in Christ changes us. He is full of demanding love and insistent mercy. As a reader I couldn’t get enough.”

     ––The Rev. Dr. Jason Byassee


“Inhabited by Grace is a book that needs to be in the hands of every Christian who seeks to deepen their life of prayer and devotion to Christ. William Daniel walks us through all the reasons why prayer matters, making us fall in love with Christ again and again.”

     ––The Rev. Marcus George Halley


“The only thing that really has lasting transformative power is an encounter with God’s grace. And this book is filled cover to cover with just that—two hundred proof, unadulterated, amazing Grace! So, ‘stop lookin' for love in all the wrong places,’ and devour this book today. Not too much theory, and perfectly practical, this is a must-read for anyone who wants to make Sunday rituals have real meaning on Monday morning.”

     ––The Rev. Charleston David Wilson


“A beautiful series of meditations on the spiritual life.” 

     ––The Rev. Dr. Juan Oliver

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